KEMP LoadMaster - 產品功能


·       Server Load Balancing (SLB) for TCP/UDP based protocols

·       Layer 7 Content Switching

·       Advanced, App-Transparent Caching Engine for HTTP/HTTPS protocols

·       Optimized Compression for Static and Dynamic HTTP/HTTPS Content

·       Layer 7 Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), SNORT-Rule Compatible

·       Up to 256 Virtual and 1000 Real Servers

·       NAT-based forwarding

·       Support for Direct Server Return (DSR) configurations

·       Support for MS Terminal Services with Session Reconnection Built-in

·       Configurable S-NAT support

·       VLAN Trunking (802.1Q)

·       Link Interface Bonding (Modes supported: 802.3ad, Link Failover)

·       GSLB Add-On Support

SSL Acceleration features and Performance

·       SSL Acceleration/Offload with support for 2048bit RSA Keys

·       Support for EV (Extended Validation) Certificates

·       PCI-DSS Requirement #4 ready SSL Implementation

·       Support for up to 256 SSL Certificates

·       Support for Third Party Certificates

·       Automated SSL Certificate Chaining

·       SSL Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Generation

Health Checking and High Availability

·       ICMP health checking of server farm machines

·       Layer 7 checking for DNS, FTP, HTTP, IMAP, NNTP, POP3, SMTP,WTS (RDP), TELNET

·       Automatic reconfiguration for defective real server machines

·       Active/Hot Standby configurations for High Availability

·       Stateful Failover


·       Fully configurable using Web User Interface (WUI)

·       Secure, SSH and HTTPS (WUI) remote access for administration

·       Easy start and maintenance using wizards

·       WUI-based Help Assistant

·       Virtual Service Configurations can be edited and tuned on-the-fly

·       Real time performance and availability displays

·       Graceful Administrative removal of Real Servers

·       Console port for local administration

·       Remote syslogd support

·       Selective restore of LoadMaster and Virtual Service data

·       Support for Connection Draining

·       Download software updates for LoadMaster firmware

·       WUI Log Reporting with Tabbed Browser Support

·       SNMP support for event traps & performance metrics

·       Diagnostic shell with in-line tcpdump

Scheduling and Balancing Methods

·       Round Robin

·       Weighted Round Robin

·       Least Connection

·       Weighted Least Connection

·       Agent-based Adaptive

·       Chained Failover (Fixed Weighting)

·       Layer 7 Content Switching

Sticky (Persistence) Connection Options

·       Source IP (L4)

·       SSL SessionID (L4)

·       HTTP/HTTPS Browser-session (L7)

·       HTTP/HTTPS WebClient-session (L7)

·       RDP Login ID (L7)

·       Port Following for mixed HTTP/HTTPS sessions

Security Functionality

·       Layer 7 Intrusion Prevention System (IPS),

·       SNORT-Rule Compatible

·       Black List (Access Control List system)

·       IP address filtering

·       Firewall filtering (everything forbidden except VS’s)

·       DDoS mitigation