Controller 離線時, Guest Portal會有什麼狀況


When an AP cannot reach the controller, it goes into "SELFRUN" state.

In this state, it doesn't make sense to redirect the guests to the portal (controller) which is not reachable, so the AP will automatically allow guests to use the network without redirecting. Moreover:

  1. The guest access policies will still be effective (L2/L3 isolation) along with the restricted subnets feature
  2. The user group (bandwidth limiting, etc) associated with this WLAN will still be effective.
  3. When the controller comes back online (and the AP goes into MANAGED state), the guest portal redirection feature will restore automatically.

How to Configure "SELFRUN" State

The file needs to be placed under <unifi_base>/data/sites/<site id>/ directory because config properties are site related. Note: Prior to version 3, users were able to add/modify <unifi_base>/data/

info_i_25x25.png Note: The location <unifi_base> will vary depending on your operating system. See this article for more information.
After adding/modifying the file, trigger a re-provision to all APs (NOT a restart). For example, toggle on/off the uplink monitor checkbox, or the SNMP.
To check whether the configuration has been taken in by the AP, SSH into the AP, execute 'cat cfg/mgmt',
you should see 'mgmt.selfrun_guest_mode=off' in the output.
# config.selfrun_guest_mode=pass # when controller is offline, automatically 
                                 # authorize all guests (all guest isolation 
                                 # / policy is still enforced)

# config.selfrun_guest_mode=off  # to disable all the guest SSIDs when controller
                                 # is not reachable. Note that "guest portal" must
                                 # be being used otherwise controller will NOT disable
                                 # guest SSIDs.